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Pureland Health Clinic

First Visit



Your first treatment begins with an in depth consultation, the perfect opportunity to get to know each other a little and to discuss your problem. The consultation will include questions surrounding your general health to ensure we have the information we need to make an accurate diagnosis.


This is followed by a gentle acupuncture treatment, where we take the first step on your healing journey. It may include other types of Chinese Medicinal therapy such as Cupping, Moxibustion or Tui Na massage; your practitioner will formulate the perfect combination for you.


After we have inserted the needles, there will be time for you to kick back and relax. Some patients like to use this time to meditate, to focus on the feeling which happens around the acupuncture needles (some report it tingley, some like gentle electricity- everyone is different!) and some even take the opportunity to have a power nap. The most important thing is that you feel relaxed and comfortable.


After approximately 25 – 30 minutes with the needles in we will gently wake you and take them out. You may notice immediate positive effects on your condition and patients usually report they feel physically relaxed and mentally calmer.


We will then have a quick chat about things you can do before you next appointment in terms of diet and lifestyle tweaks to help support the treatment.


  • Eat before your session: >30 minutes before is optimal.
  • Ensure you are hydrated before you arrive for your treatment
  • In order to access acupuncture points, it is best to wear loose fitting/stretchy clothes for your comfort
  • Arrive 5 minutes early for your appointment. There is a small waiting area outside the treatment room where you can sit and relax before the treatment.
  • If you’re unsure about anything at all or have any special requirements, feel free to drop us a message or a text and ask, we will be more than happy to answer any questions you have

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